From selected Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo and Cabernet S. grapes, we produce this premium Tuscan wine. We follow the old traditional vinification method: completely mature grapes are harvested from vineyards and processed in membrane presses. Soft presses, fermentation at controlled temperatures and prolonged maceration with the skins.
The 10% of this blend is made from Cabernet S. grapes that are harvested when they are dried on the vine, then pressed and subsequently added to the fermented wine in order to make it softer, richer in colour and more structured.

Intense ruby red, aromas of cherry and raspberry. Mature and intense red fruits, robust and balanced on the palate. Silky and soft tannins, delicious with pasta dishes in rich sauces, mature cheeses and grilled red meats. Service Temperature: 18/19°C.

The Italian word governo is usually referred to the government but it is also the name of an old vinification method mainly used in Tuscany.
Governo alla Toscana vinification method was developed in Chianti area in XIX century when wine daily accompanied the meals. It was necessary to quickly refine the wine and obtain a full and rounded mouth-feel wine. Today it refers to a specific way to process/treat the grapes: this technique consists in a secondary slow re-fermentation of the wine lasting 2-3 weeks by adding the must of overripe grapes. This slow re-fermentation leads to release noble polyphenols and increase in the alcoholic strength, extracts, glycerin and smoothness.